An Online Course to Help You Find and Launch Your Ideal Career ... Fast

An innovative 9-week online program to help you get clear on what contribution YOU want to make in your career and  how to make a very comfortable living from it. Discover and Get into Your Ideal Career Now!

Hey... Are you facing these challenges?

Want to change your career but...

...don't want to risk the security or comfort of the current job?

Want to do work that you love, which pays well and helps others, but…

...don't know where to start?

Dread Monday mornings or...

...any mornings when you have to go to work?

Want to revise your CV and cover letter, but…

… the idea of job searching and constant revisions makes your brain hurt?

Our easy step-by-step framework has helped 20,000 people just like you.

Find Work You Love

Define what contribution you want to make

an Impact

Bring joy to others through work aligns with your passions (the no-BS self)


You'll have a proven plan to discover and deliver work that you love, which enables you to earn more

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Anyone Can Do It and It Works For Everyone

7 insightful modules

Short and powerful, including activities that help clarify who you are, where you want to go in your career, and how to get there.

Learn anywhere from any device

Take it with you in your favourite coffee shop, while travelling, on your tablet, laptop, or PC wherever there’s WiFi..

Money back guarantee

There's no risk. Every course comes with a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee. This is our “No Hero Left Behind” agreement.
Try the course for yourself and we’ll help customise your Career Action Plan to transition you into a career you’ll love.

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Career Hero Program will help you launch your ideal career ...Fast

How much is working in the wrong career costing you?  
With this course, we’ll help you beat the confusion that’s holding back  and costing you years of regret.

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