Working on Purpose Live Workshop!

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Workshop series
  • Presenter:  Steve Miller,  Creator of 'The Implicit Career Search'. Author of 'We Work'.
  • Days: Mon-Fri
  • Level: Any
  • Course time: 2hrs/day x 5 days 
  • Study time: (optional) 30 min/day 
Course overview
A live, and lively, online version of Career Hero. Learn a simple, proven method to get you from wherever you are at today to working in a career that not only makes sense to you, it fits your definition of success!

2 hours per day for 5 days (Mon.-Fri.)

Monday - Taking Charge (of your Career and Life)
Tuesday - Getting Unstuck (from labels and shoulds)
Wednesday - Getting Real (about who you are)
Thursday - Work on Purpose (aaah!)
Friday -Action (baby steps!)

MST (Alberta)        10am - Noon

*Available at no cost to all residents of Alberta..

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Career report included
Participants  complete this program with a focussed career plan, a motivated sense of direction and a clear idea of what to do next in their career. 
I have taken a few good courses and I like this one the best because it is a personal discovery to me.” Shirley Fedorak, October participant


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What's included?

  • Optional Q&A 1 hr before and after each workshop
  • Downloadable  workbook
  • Email support throughout the week 
  • ICS Career Planning Framework
  • Invitations to future workshops

Purpose, Values + Vision

Supporting your clients as they clarify their PURPOSE—what’s driving/inspiring them – to create their VISION for themselves and their career.


Guide your clients to recognize, shed and transform personal and collective limiting beliefs, blindspots and blocks keeping them stuck. Create a measurable and sustainable career action plan.
Meet the instructor

Steve Miller

“How do people figure out what they are going to do for work?” is a question Steve Miller began asking adults when he was 7 years old. Not getting a satisfactory answer from anyone he decided to try and solve this puzzle before he got a job. 40 years later he is still working on fully answering it. Which has turned out to be an effective way not to go to work.

After millions of hours, research, and trial and error, the one component Steve is confident in is, as he says, “If it ain’t fun it won’t get done.”

Having fun at work is the foundation of Steve’s Career Development Spectrum approach to work that leads individuals to careers that are fulfilling, creative and, most importantly to Steve, make our world a bit of a better place to hang out in.

Frequently asked questions

I'm a career advisor. How can I recommend one of my clients to this workshop?

We currently work with the following agencies in Alberta: Prospect, WCG, MCG, Youth Employment Centre and Centre for New Comers. If you work for any of these agencies, simply click:

1. "Register"
2. Add the name and email of your client 
2. Let them know that they will receive emails with reminders and the workbook
3. Ask them to visit this page, click "Add event to calendar" and login, so they're set.

They will then receive email reminder and calendar notifications. 

If you're working for an agency that's not yet on that list, send us an email at: 

Can I attend this workshop if I'm already signed up to Career Hero?

Yes, you're more than welcome to attend this event if you're an existing Career Hero participant. You won't have to create a new account. You can simply login with the previous email and password.

I forgot my password. What should I do? 

Simply click "forgot password" and you will be sent an email with a link to reset your. If you still struggle, contact us using the contact form on this page. 

What if I can't attend one day of the 5-day workshop?

You can catch up the next day. We're going to be available on zoom 1h before and after the scheduled workshop so you can ask any questions. Simply show up the next day and click "Join Live Sessions".
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